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Wayra UK backs TickerFit to put Patients at the Centre of Chronic Disease Prevention and Management

Wayra UK 2015 Demo Day

Wayra UK 2015 Demo Day

Press Release: For Immediate Release

London, November, 25th, 2015 – TickerFit, a Dublin based healthcare company, has been selected for the first digital preventative healthcare accelerator programme in the United Kingdom.  Through a very competitive process, TickerFit is one of four teams selected to take part in the 10-month accelerator programme, looking to address the challenges outlined in the NHS Five Year Forward View. The programme is backed by Wayra UK Open Future and Merck Sharpe & Dohme Ltd (MSD) and begins January 2016. 

Founders, Avril Copeland and Greg Balmer are delighted to be selected for the programme.  “There has never been a more exciting time to be in healthcare” explained chartered physiotherapist and founder, Copeland.  TickerFit's technology puts the patient at the centre of their care and enables health care professionals to deliver personalised interventions direct to patient’s smartphones.  So whether you have just undergone treatment for a cardiac problem or are currently recovering from surgery for cancer, you can now leave the hospital with a recovery plan tailored to your needs.

This is an exciting time for TickerFit as it provides the vehicle and support network they need to help bring their vision of the future of healthcare to the market. Most importantly having the backing of Wayra and MSD will be pivotal to realising TickerFit's passion of producing technology that puts patients in control of their healthcare.

About TickerFit: 

TickerFit is an Irish based company, founded by chartered physiotherapist/exercise scientist, Avril Copeland and technologist, Greg Balmer.  TickerFit was built to empower health professionals to prescribe and deliver personalised interventions to patients who are at risk or currently living with chronic diseases.  Using our cloud based platform and smartphone technology, primary and secondary healthcare professionals can easily prescribe and deliver personalised programmes for an expanding range of conditions.  Results are tracked in real-time using web based technologies enabling actionable insights and driving improved patient outcomes.

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About Velocity Health by Wayra UK Open Future & MSD (Merck Sharpe & Dome)

Velocity Health, the first digital preventative healthcare accelerator programme in the United Kingdom, powered by MSD and Wayra Open Future, is challenging the digital start-up community to create solutions that reimagine how healthcare can be delivered to help improve patient outcomes.

Wayra UK/Velocity Health Press Release

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