Transforming Healthcare: TickerFit Proves Fit for Purpose

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Dublin, May, 29th, 2015 – TickerFit, a Dublin based healthcare company scooped the top prize at yesterday’s National Healthcare Conference in Dublin’s Convention Centre.  The prestigious ‘Innovation Award’ recognises young companies that have demonstrated novel approaches to solving the big challenges healthcare providers face today.


Founders, Avril Copeland and Greg Balmer were delighted to win the award, fending off strong competition.  “There has never been a more exciting time to be in healthcare” explained chartered physiotherapist and founder, Copeland.  “TickerFit enables health care professionals deliver personalized lifestyle prescriptions direct to patient’s smartphones.  So whether you are living with cancer or heart disease, or simply want to get fitter, you can now walk out of your doctors office with a lifestyle plan tailored to you”.

This award affords TickerFit to engage with senior ranking officers in the HSE and demonstrates the Irish healthcare systems appetite for patient centered innovation and transformation.

Avril accepting the award from  Mr. Eamonn Fitzgerald, Hermitage Clinic CEO  on behalf of Team TickerFit ™

Avril accepting the award from Mr. Eamonn Fitzgerald, Hermitage Clinic CEO on behalf of Team TickerFit

About TickerFit:

TickerFit is an Irish based company, founded by chartered physiotherapist/exercise scientist, Avril Copeland and technologist, Greg Balmer.  TickerFit was built to empower health professionals to prescribe and deliver personalised lifestyle interventions to patients who are at risk or currently living with chronic diseases.  Using our cloud based platform and smartphone technology, primary and secondary healthcare professionals can easily prescribe and deliver personalised programmes for an expanding range of conditions.  Results are tracked in real-time using web based technologies enabling actionable insights and driving improved patient outcomes.  

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