Founders, Avril Copeland & Greg Balmer

Founders, Avril Copeland & Greg Balmer


Irish company, Innerstrength Health, founded by Dublin businesswoman and former health professional, Avril Copeland and technologist, Greg Balmer, has secured private investment and Enterprise Ireland HPSU Funding following the success of its revolutionary first product TickerFit. 

The Innerstrength Health technology incorporates a secure web-based platform for health professionals and mobile applications for patients.  With the touch of a button, the technology enables health professionals to provide personalised programmes of education, exercise and support to patients who are at risk, recently diagnosed or currently living with a chronic condition.  Patients receive their plan via the smartphone application and each day has the ability to review content specifically tailored for them, engage in targeted physical activity, track and monitor their progress in real time. 

Innerstrength Health founder and CEO, Avril Copeland explains; “The company was born from my time working in the public healthcare system.  A core skill of working in healthcare is building rapport and trust with patients to achieve healthier outcomes.  I always found that this was easy when the patient was in hospital but as soon as the patient was discharged home or left the clinic, this support was gone.  Personally, I found this difficult, especially when it came to patients who had just gone through a life-changing event, such as surgery for cancer or a recent heart attack, knowing the best I could offer them was handouts about how best to manage their condition.  I knew technology could overcome this problem and so we developed our first product, TickerFit, which has the potential to revolutionise how healthcare is provided.’’

TickerFit is also being used in the primary prevention, whereby GPs and practice nurses use the technology to deliver bespoke programmes of physical activity and education to patients who are at risk of developing a chronic condition.   In secondary prevention, TickerFit is being used by cardiac rehabilitation teams to support their patients with their recovery after they have been discharged from hospital. 

Avril added: “In Ireland, often times our healthcare system is in the news for the wrong reasons, however, having worked in it, I know first-hand of the many amazing and dedicated healthcare professionals who do their utmost every day to support their patients.  Using technology, we can extend their reach, and provide them with the tools to make their treatments more effective, efficient and ultimately more engaging for their patients.” 

With the success of TickerFit, Innerstrength Health recently closed an investment round with a mix of private investment and Enterprise Ireland HPSU funding to bring new products to the market and drive expansion overseas in the UK and US. 

Commenting on this, Avril said; ‘’we have secured a significant investor along with the Enterprise Ireland funding. This will allow us to expand in both the UK and US markets. We’re delighted with the progress we have made already and there is a lot of interest in the US and the UK. It will be a very busy year ahead but we’re looking forward to growing the company and being able to make a real difference to more people’s lives and wellbeing, which has always been the goal.”

Innerstrength Health was founded by Avril Copeland and Greg Balmer. The company is based in Dublin and aims to improve patient outcomes by harnessing the power of modern technology. A graduate of the Royal College of Surgeons and Belmont University in Tennessee, Avril’s background is in physiotherapy and exercise science. Greg Balmer, the company’s Chief Technical Officer has developed numerous innovative software systems which have been scaled and sold worldwide.  Greg previously held the role of Chief Architect for both Mapflow and Carma.