TickerFit In Cardiac Rehabiliation

The TickerFit platform enables health professionals in secondary prevention support their patients who are currently living with a chronic condition.  Cardiac rehabilitation health professionals are using the platform as an adjunct to their programmes to promote engagement when the patient is exercising alone.   Patients who are unable to attend cardiac rehabilitation are being supported by TickerFit, receiving their education and exercise prescriptions, and also remaining engaged with their healthcare teams.  The platform is not only being used in cardiology but is being expanded to support patients with multiple conditions.    


Tailored programmes of education & Exercise

You can now prescribe, deliver and monitor programmes of education and exercise to your patients.  Create your own programmes or use the programmes created by the system for your individual patient.  


Educate, Engage & Support

The platform not only allows you to create programmes and deliver them to your patients via the patient mobile application, the platform also enables you to support your patient from afar.  Once you log on to your health professional's account, you can view your patient's progress, make changes to a patient's programme, encourage and support them.  


Support your patients achieve better health outcomes

We know patients living with long term conditions spend less then 1% of their time in the healthcare system.  A patient's health outcome is not based on the time we see them in the hospital or clinic, their outcomes are based on the 99% of time they are managing their condition at home.  TickerFit enables you to scale your reach, supporting your patients the other 99% of the time.  


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